I just realized that I can POST!!!!!!!!

Oh my god! Hello and hi! I am so thrilled to be able to start a thread.


Okay... I just want to let you all know, and I have posted about this... but I JUST moved out of my marital home after a very emotionally abusive/exhaustive marriage. I have been dating a little bit and have some awesome OKCupid stories to share and well... I'm beside myself with joy at the ability to post.


To whomever bestowed this upon me, I'm sorry I was so daft and didn't realize. however... I had 10 days to vacate my marital home and in that time, while working full time, I packed all my things, found a place to live, organized some friends to help, found a movie, got my utilities in order and all that jazz.

So... yeah. WHOOP... this life is starting to look SO good. So... so... so good.


Love you group thinkers... I'm glad to be one of you for real.


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