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So first off? Thank you ALL for being so kind and compassionate to me in dealing with an issue that, for all intents and purposes, is really minor and quite frankly? Dinky... but i'm just a woman re-learning how to navigate and I so wholly respect and like this community so much that I wanted to just put myself out there. So thank you everyone who took the time to respond and to be compassionate. :)


Just to let you know... he texted me yesterday night saying he'd got his wifi sorted and was reading lecture notes in bed — asked about my day, said he missed me. We talked a bit last night about this book we are both reading, Summer in Baden-Baden which is truly amazing and so much so, is keeping me up at night.

So... I think i'll shelve the wonder-worrying and just go on with the flow an such. It's kind of the way to go, I think.


Thank you all again for humouring me and letting me worry about this first new thing that I've encounter that I really like but feel ill-equipped to deal with — I'll get there.
Having a good community to bounce things off of really does help .


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