Boy do I need some help!

yes, I'll be a gray! i am thinking of leaving my marriage. It's been hard for awhile. My husband, while awesome a lot of the time, is bipolar and lacks very basic empathy skills. once in a while we'll get into something ridic and he'll blow up and want to divorce me and won't talk to me and just basically emotionally abuses me. Not to down play it but, it's emotional abuse. He'll talk to his daughter but not me. He'll leave me alone and not tell me where he is or when he'll be back. He'll tell me he dislikes me and that I'm useless and a 'Shit magnet'. It's hard to give you all context because it's very elaborate and happens about once a month

Anyway... long story short. We bought a house a year and a half ago — I love this house but we've had some issues with a couple of our neighbors. When we first got our dog, the first day, they set off fireworks and scared the pup so bad. Husband ran up and gave them shit which basically set up a precedent for us to be he assholes in the 'hood. Their kids play in our yard all the time and they have big, loud parties all the time. Husband told the kids to "get off my lawn" and it just got worse. Yesterday, I saw the kids in our yard with a wheelbarrow of crap and I asked, what are you guys doing? (I say hi and talk to them all the time) and then their mom, the neighbor freaked out and said I was a nasty bitch and everyone here hates me. I was so upset. I told my husband who marched up there, despite my telling him not to do it and gave them shit. It went poorly. So, then he left after yelling at me and saying it was my fault this happenend, that I'm a shit magnet, all the bad things happen because of me. (I'd also had a TERRIBLE, stressful week at work and he told me to suck it up, not his issue) that he hates this house and would never have bought but I made him. He called me a shit magnet and that life with his ex wife was better because shit never happened with her.


So. I'm feeling fucked. I know you guys don't know me. I read EVERY single day. But i'm so lost. This man basically said that he NEVER wants to hear about anything bad. That I should just take care of stuff like this myself and not bother him. I'm a shit magnet because I have a supervisor at work who picks on me ( I am awesome at my job and a very high performer) it's my fault taht the neighbors yelled at me. I need to shut my mouth and not pass the shit on to him.
So, he basically said that because I'm shitty person, he wants a divorce and doesn't like me. He left me alone all this weekend despite our having his daugher — he's hanging out with her at her mom's house. it sucks. I'm lost. I'm a good person. i'm a hard worker. I actually also went up to the neighbors and talked to the wife. I apologized for any shit we may have caused and if my husband was rude. I told her that I wanted to start fresh and that I felt like we hvae been on a bad foot for too long over nothing. She agreed. We had a good converation. I felt like I put things right. I told husband this and he's still, "you're a shit magnet'

TThis is just another example of how he treats me when he''s stressed out but II'm not sure how much more I can take.
Whoa.... this Kinnja just wiigged out. DDouble leeetteers abound!


So... what doo you guyys tthink?? I needd helpp. III need some eears..

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