Am I really able to post...

If I am... I just wanted to say, that I adore this community so fucking hard. Yep... it's Friday, I left work early, by about 15 minutes, went and got groceries... BTW, please... all of you, plop down the 12 bucks and buy yourself some fucking walnut oil! It's amazing. you will eat salad like it's fucking food of the gods after walnut oil. Just saying...

I walked my dog, and in case you don't know... this dog is the love of my humanoid life... she's big and black and wolf/shephard looking and I adore. She's the sweetest thing since fucking peak freen cookies. But I wanted to tell you all, I adore you. I adore your frailty and your strength; I adore you humour and your humility — I love this community. You taught me to be a good feminist and a good person. well... you showed me that I was not alone amongst my ilk.


Happy Friday, friends. I am on cocktail number 2. Tomorrow morning I will run and read from this site and be a happy, happy girl.


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